The Hive

Welcome to one of our favourite places in school – The Hive. It is a nurture area where children are guided through their journey of emotions and feelings. It is used to help children regulate their emotions and gain an understanding of why they might feel a certain way; we use My Happy Mind strategies to help with this also. There are a range of resources in The Hive to assist the children in regulating their own emotions, these include: weighted stuffed animals, weighted blankets, a light corner, sensory wall, books to read that are based around emotions, bean bags for comfort, a crackling fire on the interactive whiteboard, mindfulness activities and fidget toys. Nurture groups are sometimes done in The Hive with our Learning Mentor, which help the children develop vital social skills, confidence and self-respect. There is a particular emphasis on the development of communication and language skills in The Hive and why this is effective when trying to talk about their feelings. Pupils are given the time they need, both to listen, and be listened to.

Pupil Voice

“I really like being in here. It makes me calm. I like the relaxing fire and the crackling sound it makes. I also like the weighted sloth and the tipi. The lights are pretty too. I come in here sometimes when I am angry-in the Red Zone and use the 5 minute timer to make me feel better. I use Happy Breathing to help too.” (Logan, Y3)

“If I need time to think in a calmer place, I go to The Hive. Sometimes I feel angry when I first go in and then I use the things in the room to help calm me down. I like the fidget toys as they help me focus and an adult talks through the Zones of Regulation with me. I talk about my feelings and I usually leave The Hive in the green zone. The bean bags are really comfy too.” (Kamran, Y5)

“Sometimes I feel frustrated and my teacher will ask me if I want to use The Hive. I like it in there. I like lying back on the bean bags and I love the light corner – it is really nice. I get lost in my thoughts sometimes which helps me regulate my emotions.” (Ethan, Y5)

“I like how it is quiet in The Hive because it allows me to think more clearly. On the TV, there is a fire which really helps me calm down. For me, when I go in to The Hive I am in the blue zone, which means I feel upset, fed up and frustrated. Watching the fire and how it crackles, allows me to feel calmer and ready to go back in to class. The adults in The Hive also help me to see why I might be feeling a certain way. I like talking to them.” (Heidi, Y6)

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